Friday, June 1, 2007

Some Things I Saw at the Mirepoix Market and Brocante Fair

Nancy and I took a little trip into Mirepoix on Monday morning which is market day. But also on this day, a brocante fair, an antique postcard show and sale, and a plant sale. A four for the price of one extravaganza. And the entrance was free. So was the parking. You can't beat it at twice the price.
I took a picture of the gentleman in the beret, and I'm taking other photos as I see guys in berets, because I believe that ten or fifteen years from now, we won't be seeing very many. The generation slightly after from this fellow just don't wear the age-old symbol of France and Spain anymore. Like the fedora, it has all but disappeared, and it will be a sad day when none of the old timers are sporting them.

One of the first things I saw at the brocante fair was the pair of wooden shoes with leather tops. I'm not sure where these came from or anything about them, but if you have any knowledge, let us hear about it. The papier-mache evil stepmother, or some other woman from your nightmares stood about four feet tall and her face reminded me of someone from my past.

"Les Miches de Peggy".....I have a sister named Peggy so I thought she'd enjoy a picture of whatever these delicacies happen to be. The eggs and bunnies were being sold by the same family. I assume the eggs are chicken eggs and not Easter bunny eggs. Fresh Ariege strawberries and the ail voilet. Nancy bought some of the garlic but we haven't tried it yet. The cured and smoked meats will get some more attention from me as the summer comes on and my French improves enough to have a meaningful conversation with the vendor. I think I want to know what I'm buying. The vendor offering up a roasted chicken worked in a mobile booth with another guy who demanded to be photographed, but the guy with the chicken had the better looking mug. I got pictures of both, but only the photogenic one gets on the blog. And the last photo, just a sample of some of the plants for sale that day. Click on em' to enlarge em'.


Judy said...

fish says that "miches" is round loaves, but of what ? A meat product rolled in peppercorns? Is it about $15 per pound? Must be meat.

I see basil, purple basil(spreads like a weed), parsley, rosemary, right?

Where do you park "Old Smokey" on your street? As I remember the streets in small towns are narrow and I don't remember seeing any cars parked on them. Judy

Anonymous said...

Those wooden shoes are one bizarre sight! The strawberries, garlic, spices and flowers looked delectible...the bunnies...not so much! Shopping is so different than heading to the local supermarket, isn't it?

All these little towns you visit and describe so aptly are so steeped in history and a beauty so different from what we are accustomed to...Luke is having a lovely experience...albeit...vicariously!

Do you remember those old commercials with the woman saying..."Calgon, take me away" as she luxuriated in a bubble bath? Well, I just hook up to your blog and say..."Nancy and Doug take me away"! And the next thing I know, I'm in France! Thanks for the almost-daily trip.