Thursday, June 7, 2007

Strike One for la Poste

We received a notice in the mailbox the other day that la Poste had attempted to deliver a "colisimmo", which we interpreted to be a large package. Finally, our first shipment of mail from Moab. What fun to open up a bunch of bills---but at least ones that we can understand (sort of).

The note said to claim the colisimmo apres 10 heures the next day, Wednesday (mercredi). We were there johnny-on-the-spot, but la Poste was all buttoned up---door locked and shutters closed. So on we went to the Quillan market to see the English booktrader and drive the Plateau du Sault. Upon returning to Leran at 13:00 hours, well after its 12:30 normal closure time, the above sign was on la Poste door.

The notice basically says that "Due to a strike movement, the Leran Post Office will be closed all morning Wednesday June 6, 2007". La Poste in Leran is normally only open mornings, so it really meant that it would be closed all day. There was now no chance to claim our colisimmo until Thursday. Apparently overnight a strike movement was formed at the Leran la Poste branch, and only the Leran branch. Go figure!

No one I talked to could explain the reason for the strike. Perhaps it was in protest to the obvious lack of holidays in June, or just preparing for all the annual closures coming up in August. As if nothing ever happened, back to business as usual on Thursday, colisimmo now in hand.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally got your "colisimmo" (the word sounds more Italian than French)...your life just wouldn't be the same without it! I hope Doug was careful opening the various pieces of mail...I hear French "paper cuts" are much deeper than usual! And we don't want any further trips to the hospital...even though they don't send you a bill for 18 months!

"Luc" is falling asleep at her she is off in search of caffeine...Au revoir!

Noah said...

Noah thinks this is funny as hell. A strike at the Leran post office. Organized overnight by an unknown labor entity. Hilarious. I am SURE it was in response to the lack of holidays in June.