Saturday, June 2, 2007

Camon Rose Fete

As requested, here are some more pictures of the Camon Rose Fete. Camon is a tiny little town but has the remnants of an old fortified wall around it. There is a nice sized church which is practically invisible from the outside. I didn't know I was walking into the church until I was in it.
The town had roses blooming everywhere, different varieties on each home. There were an artist or two displaying their work, a artisanale beermaker, a crepe maker, honey sales, a guy selling garden tools, plants for sale and then there was the Sydicat des Truffficulteurs de L'Ariege displaying all kinds of info on truffles.
I took a picture of the managed forest from the fortified wall near the church entrace. The picture of the little girl is my neice Madeleine and was not actually in Camon at the time. The family that has the two Bernese Mountain dogs turned out to be some American ex-patriots who haven't been back to Virginia since the eighties. I told them it has changed but not for the better. Nancy took the top four picture and I took the remaining ones. Click to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Love all the roses. The whole town must have been fragrant with their blooms! The smell of a rose does not need any particular language to describe is universally beloved.

The pictures are wonderful...Luke is entranced!

Anonymous said...

Hey- that child is stunning! Thank you for posting such a lovely photo. Oh, the pictures of France look nice too.
Madeleine's Mom