Saturday, September 29, 2012

Le Grand-Pere et le Petit Garcon

I call them le grand-pere et le petit garcon, but in reality, I have no idea whether the man and the boy in the photos are related.  Somehow, I can't imagine that they are not.  I found that I couldn't take my eyes off them, their interactions were so fluid, genuine, tender.  They sat at the next table parallel to us at the Transhumance food orgy in Le Sautel last Sunday. 

The young boy was so captivated by every gesture and word from the older man, and his facial expressions were obviously delight.  The scene all around us was general mayhem, but these two were oblivious to all but their own world.

It wasn't until I went to post the last photo that I noticed the army tank sitting on top of the water carafe.  So the two of them might be talking strategic maneuvers?

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