Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Highland Fling

The Depot Vente in Mirepoix is a treasure trove of brocante.  Actually, the store is a melange of "used stuff", some pure junk, some verging on gorgeous antiques, and the rest somewhere inbetween.  I guess that's the brocante part of it.  I'm not really sure just which category this Scottish Highlands steer fits into, as one wo/man's junk is another wo/man's treasure.  (I'm assuming he is Scottish by the kilt worn on his hindquarters.)   He was patiently waiting outside, amidst the water pumps, window frames, and rusty fence sections.  Last summer he was inside, so I'm thinking he is moving out and the owners are willing to bargain.  One word of warning: will require ample space, as he stands about 5' tall.  Name your price!  No reasonable offer refused!

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