Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Study in Advertising: L'Illustration

There is a huge stack of L'Illustration Magazine---a Journal Universel Hebdomaire, a weekly publication, at the Depot Vente in Mirepoix.  I don't know if L'Illustration is currently being published, but I was only interested in the issues dating back as far as 1926.  There are lengthy stories on politics, technology, automobiles, travel, any and every topic one might imagine an educated society would devour.  Doug pores over the pre-WWII era issues, deciphering the photo captions.  I, on the other hand, am charmed by the black and white advertising.  The following ads are from L'Illustration issues 1926 - 1931. 

The Edacoto, a an endless lead pencil

Le Kou-to-Kle---was the first 'Leatherman Tool" invented by the French?

Attila will destroy your rodents, bugs and cockroaches...and prevent them from circle dancing.

Somehow, I don't think SHELL is using a plume of nasty black smoke in their ads anymore.

A styptic pencil?  Advertised for "here today, there tomorrow, comfort but sometimes uncertain, but always in a good mood"???

Slaves of your eyes?  This is one I can relate to.

Original Price: 4 Francs

Upcycled into a Two-Bottle Wine Carrier

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