Saturday, September 4, 2010

This Morning in Budapest

We stumbled upon this duo of Hungarian gentlemen working for tips in some impressively large plaza. For a couple of hundred Hungarian Florints we were able to listen for awhile and take their pictures.
Below, you can click and hear them play for a few seconds, and you can also hear the military band at the top of the funicluar railway playing smartly. Enjoy.


Bill Minckler said...

Great Video!

How's the food?

Anonymous said...

I love the clarinet and violin combo, I have some cd's that sound like that. Leslie

Anonymous said...

Recently in Poland to hear a lot of celebration commemorating the creation of Solidarity. There are many discussions on this subject and some of them are very controversial. I wonder whether in other countries, people know what it is and if they have solidarity on this issue a sentence?


Anonymous said...

News Flash! 21 year old Slovakian tennis player, Dominika Cibulkova, has made it to the semi-finals of the US Open. lro