Thursday, September 30, 2010

Live...It's Saturday Night....In Leran

Last week, from Wednesday evening until Friday morning, there was a national strike going on in France. As part of a national movement against the government's retirement reform, all air traffic controllers, SCNF (French national railroad) workers, and Paris public transportation agents took a few days off. Strikes are not unusual events in France, and people learn to adjust. So did Barry-Oke, when he learned that his Thursday flight was grounded, and he couldn't escape Leran until the following Monday. He was forced to cancel his weekend singing gig in England, and extend his 'Tour de Leran' for another night.

Since our social calender had prevented us from catching his earlier performance, we were delighted to hear the unfortunate airway news. Marek, the village crier, was quick to issue an email invitation. When summoned, Leran answers, and a crowd appeared.

Barry's regular sidekick and provider of musical accompaniment in Leran, Alan Simmons, was off in Spain. Emma, a recent addition to Leran, luckily travels with her guitar and graciously offered to stand in. Additionally, she added back-up vocals.

Lynn, Barry's lovely wife, made the trip to Leran this time. We had not met her before, and thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. Lynn suggested that one of the bar's staff, Lise, come up and sing a few songs. Lise is French, and working at the bar is improving her English at a lightning pace. Lise and Barry belted out a few songs back and forth in French and English. Then Barry turned Lise loose.
I spent several hours attempting to upload video clips we took that night of Barry, Barry and Emma, and Lise. Only one would load. I wish you could have heard it all. I guess either Blogger or Sony are on strike. (Click on the video to play)


mike-google said...

Hey Guys

It's 70 deg in Montrose and you're missing a beautiful morning. Sorry we missed you.....but your absence was expected. We like the look of the house....should be plenty of room for us on our next visit. We left a prezie in the big box on the front porch for you.

We were in Chaco for several days and now on our way to Fort Collins to see some friends before heading home to MT.


Mike and Phyllis

Peggy said...

Sounds fantastic! You are so lucky to have such a neat gathering place in Leran. The wine doesn't hurt either.

By the way, what is the French press saying about Contador's drug test?

Also, our press has been reporting on the citizens of France, and now Spain, making their distaste known for the cut backs. Do you hear people talking about that?

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.