Friday, September 24, 2010

From the Department of Strange Coincidents Department

Remember this young lady that I photographed on August 24th near Leran?
And this young lady, remember her? I shot her a few days before on August 20th, a few miles away, in Lavalenet. They are the same person.

I just realized that it was the same person while looking at my photos. It certainly didn't dawn on me at the time. She must lead an interesting, very un-conventional life, travelling around in a horse drawn wagon, fashioning baskets from willow shoots. But she doesn't seem very happy, or maybe she doesn't like me sticking my camera in her face.

I can't confirm that it's the same ring but it's on the same finger. Now, if I can just get another photo of her someday, maybe I can get her to smile.


Anonymous said...

That's're giving Sherlock Holmes a run for his money!

Have a good weekend! Luke

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read the book that is this girl's story. As you wondered earlier, is he her father, is she his slave or captive? Do they live in the wagon and travel from land to land as our book the Tyger Voyage tells us. The Tyger Voyage is about Ezekiel and Raphael Dubb, who are tigers I may say. They go off on an adventure in a sailing ship and are washed ashore during a storm. Later in the journey they are rescued by the gypsies who travel from land to land. The make clothes pegs and read the tarot cards. It is a beautiful book by Richard Adams who wrote Watership Down. It is illustrated by Nicola Bailey, the originals paintings in egg goache (that doesn't sound right, egg what?). I hope you see her again. Maybe you can talk with her. lro

Anonymous said...

Egg tempera, that's it. My brain is getting old. lro

Peggy said...

Very astute, Doug. Your many years of girl watching have finally paid off!