Friday, September 3, 2010

From Budapest

We've made it to Budapest after a very interesting day in Hostovice, Slovakia yesterday. Nancy will have to fill you in when we get back to France when we have some time to download some photos and write some reflections of our time in Slovakia. We've added several countries to our list of visited places after driving several hundred yards into Poland, twice, and driving across half of Hungary.

The eastern portion of Slovakia is called The Carpathian Wooden Road because of all the wooden churches. There are literally thousands of churches in Slovakia, wood and stone; every village of any size has one, or two. We visited several of the wooden churches and we should have some photos and words of great wisdom regarding the structures when we get some time.

I could do a post about the Slovakian drivers and how many "Oh my fucking God" moments we had watching Slovakian idiots pass each other. But I won't. The hazards of the road are many; cars parked in the driving lane, old peasant bicyclists, farm machinery, walkers on the road, gypsies pulling carts, slow drivers, fast drivers, and just bad drivers.

We met with the genealogical researcher, Michael Sura, in Snina and had a full and interesting day of seeing places where her grandparents walked. She left Hostovice with a partial bottle of homemade plum brandy and five shots in her belly, a recipe probably handed down from her great grandparents. I don't want to steal any of Nancy's thunder, so I will leave it at that.

Budapest is an absolutely fascinating city, something like a cross between Havana and Paris. We'll try to see what we can tomorrow, on foot with Fergus in tow. We're limited by the presence of our furry friend, but we can't leave him in the room all day and we're not brave enough to drive much in Budapest. So we'll hoof it. More later.


Mike and Phyllis said...

The best meal in Budapest: the Budavar Cafe in Buda. Give our regards to co-owner Agness. It was outstanding. Also, we had a great evening meal with gypsy music at Margaritkert Vendeglo (also in Buda). Ferg probably welcome. We ate all the specialties, Mike got drunk and gave the musicians a 50-something tip instead of a 5-something. DO NOT DRINK UNICUM! Cheers

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Leslie

Anonymous said...

I've been doing some reading and I think that Nancy must be Carpathian? I first heard the word Carpathian in My Fair Lady. I have always loved the idea of the Carpathian mountains and the rich artistic and musical culture from that region. Cool. Can't wait for Nancy's post to hear the real story. lro