Saturday, August 14, 2010

Le Pont du Velo

Lastours may be well-celebrated for it's Cathar castle, but on the outskirts of the village is yet another amazing architectural monument. It is nearly obscured by overgrown vegetation, but this masterpiece of form and function is worthy of photographic mention. Behind a simple doorway, a bridge is flanked by rusting bicycles.

Did the architect purposefully design or unintentionally stumble upon a creative way to dispose of old bicycles? I found myself more than just intrigued with this project. Our new old house in Colorado cries out to be "funkified" with yard art, and I may have just found the medium.


Anonymous said...

The bikes are great. Remember that really funky house next Ursula and Didi's old house? I just came across photos of that. There are a million different ways to funkify. If I can ever get my computer to import and export photos I will send you some.

Peggy said...

Any veteran of RAGBRAI would appreciate this.