Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lavender Harvest Day

Julian and Gwenda have an abundance of lavender plants and so Nancy and our friend Angela made a date to go harvest some of it. At eight o'clock this morning we were in their yard clipping away. Most people think of lavender growing in Provence, but it grows well in many places, including Leran.

Snip, snip, clip, clip. Angela works at a feverish pace. Nancy too, and in less than an hour they had quite a pile of the quintessential French aromatic plant.

Here's Angela's basket of lavender and below, is Nancy's stash all tied up and ready to hang.

It's supposed to hang in the dark but we just don't have anyplace like that in our house, at least if we don't close all the windows and shutters. Below you can see it hanging in our stairwell. It makes the house smell great.

In a month or so, they'll be working at a feverish pace making lavender pillows and sachets. While it is still fresh and pliable, those with advanced crafting skills will also be working on lavender wands (which, rumor has it, Angela is lucky to possess).


Anonymous said...

Lavender is one of my absolutely favorite scents! Just looking at so much bulk lavender fills my mind with the beautiful aroma. Enjoy!


Kate Euser said...

ooh i would love to have participated. I can smell it now!

Anonymous said...

I see satchets of lavender under the Christmas tree...,