Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's a Dog's Life

After a morning of cultural-intensive sightseeing, what more does a dog ask for than to join his best friends for lunch? In France, consider it done! After touring Abbey Saint-Hilaire, sipping blanquette with M. Bernardini, and driving through vineyard country, we were near exhaustion. Not to mention that it was approaching 100 degrees F (36 C before high noon). The streets of Limoux were deserted, as if it was a wild west town due for a shoot-out. More like the blazing heat driving everyone to the sanctuary behind the shutters. We headed for a shady restaurant with Fergus in tow and sat down.

The garcon insisted we come inside for le plat de jour where one could find air conditioning. We pointed to le chien, and he tossed it off as if it were no more than a 6-year old kid. Another garcon immediately followed us with both a pichet of water for us and a bowl for the Ferg, which he promptly slobbered in a 3' radius around the bowl. They pointed to a small space behind the table where 'they' assumed Fergus could huddle. But Ferg liked being out in the open, where he could survey everyone's comings and goings.

He settled right down on the cool tile floor, knowing full well that a few bones were soon headed his way. Pretty good trade-off for a little culture.


Anonymous said...

I love that Fergus gets to go in the restaurants. Leslie

Anonymous said...

That Fergus is one LUCKY DOG! He really seemed to enjoy that cool tile floor! I didn't realize it was quite so hot there...or is this an unusual summer?

Stay cool! Luke

Kate Euser said...

Fergie Ferg, pardon the pun but, "you lucky dog!"

Peggy said...

That is a darn cute family portrait.

Anonymous said...

One time in France, I saw a standard poodle sitting upright in a dining chair at the table with his humans. No one in the restaurant seemed to think it was odd.