Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter in Leran

The Rue du Four with a load of snow looks rather forlorn. Our friend Julian sent us these photos thinking we might be interested to see what Leran looks like under a blanket of snow, and he was right. From my American perspective, I am wondering how a snowplow gets down the street, and the answer is they don't, I guess. Do they have snowplows in southern France? They must. But for the Rue du Four, it must just have to melt off some sunny and warm day. And if a snowplow could get down the street, it would just pile up snow on the doorstep. On the plus side, there is very little sidewalk to shovel. Here, in our new American residence in Montrose, we have, perhaps, around 300 to 400 feet of sidewalk that we are required to shovel after a storm. Fortunately, we haven't had much snow here.
This is Cours St. Jacque and the blue shutters are on the front of l'Impasse du Temple, John and LeeAnn's B&B.

This is the old Mairie, above, and below is the front of our humble residence with what might be a foot of snow sitting on someone's car. It all looks rather cold and gloomy, with the snow and grey, pewter colored sky. All in all, right now, I'm happy to be here in Colorado where the sun shines every day. I know there would be no hope of being toasty warm inside 14 Rue du Four.


Anonymous said...

Brrrrr...just looking at that snow gives me the chills...along with the "cold snap" we've been enduring for the last week! But, like you say, having the sun shining through the cold really helps!

Happy New Year...2010 just has to better than 2009!

Take care. Luke

Peggy said...

I think it looks beautiful and though 14 Rue de Four looks well buttoned up, I think it would be chilly in there. Montrose seems better suited to deal with snow. Did you see how cold Moab was recently? Well below zero!