Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Great Evening of Laura Faroult

If you're in Leran, you already know that Mademoiselle Laura Faroult, formerly of Leran, didn't win the Miss France competition that took place in Martinique in the Caribbean. Laura's parents, Nelly and Thierry, ran the bar in Leran our first summer there. Thierry and Nelly had two daughters, the other being Virginia, and I could never tell them apart. I was always asking "Which one was that?" after one of them greeted us with two or three bissous. Beautiful Laura became Miss Albigeois Midi Pyrenees and had hopes of becoming Miss France and then Miss World. She had my vote, indeed, if I'd had a vote.
Thierry and Nelly live in Lavalanet now and I do believe that Laura is attending college somewhere, perhaps in Montpeiller. If you peruse the archives of North of Andorra from the summer of 2007, you'll find pictures of Laura (or perhaps it's Virginia) before she was famous.

This little article mentions that all of the region of Laroc d'Olmes, and beyond, were totally behind the idea of Laura becoming Miss France. Alan and Eileen Simmons, who sent this article with their Christmas card, wrote on the page, "Sadly, Laura didn't win, but it was good to have a celebrity close to here for a time!"

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