Monday, January 25, 2010

Buenas Dias, Puerto Vallarta

I haven't been to Mexico since about 1977 but we are going this March. We have traded our house in Leran to a Canadian couple for two weeks. We go to their condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and they will spend two weeks at our village house in France. What a deal. We listed our house with an on-line agency. You post some photos of your place and either actively look for places to go, contact the owners and strike a deal, or (and this is what we did) sit back and wait for the offers to roll in.
We have also gotten offers for trades in Holland, Austria, Marseilles, Paris, England, Ireland and places I've forgotten. I am really quite surprised that so many people want to trade for our house, a humble, modest house in a humble and modest village in southern France, but they do. We got an incredible number of offers from Australia, and if we had so desired, we could have made any number to trades and spent an entire season down under. I don't know what the attraction is for Australians, perhaps their dollar is strong right now against the Euro, who knows.
I passed through Puerto Vallarta on a family trip to Manzanillo. We stopped for a few minutes in the central portion of town many years ago. I thought then, and I've heard from others and read that Puerto Vallarta is the most European of Mexican villages. Well, judging by the photo above, it doesn't look like much of a village, more like a city. In any case, it will be good to get out of Dodge for awhile and seek out some warm weather and beach time.


Linda said...

I've been to Puerto Vallarta a couple of times. It is NOT a village. But the market is huge and fun. Otherwise it is basically a giant resort town.

If you rent a car and drive a few miles up the coast there are a couple of really charming villages with weekly markets and shops and beachfront bars that are worth the trip. Also if you go inland there are some pretty cool hikes in the forest/jungle. We rented horses because it was too steamy to hike. Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

My old hairdresser in Dallas has a condo facing the ocean. He always loved it there and I'm sure you will also!

Have fun! Luke