Monday, December 14, 2009

Moving In

We're spending money like drunken sailors. Today a new furnace is being installed so that we cans save money down the road. Likewise, the electricians are here, working in the attic, so that we can safely insulate up there and save money on our heating bills. Money to the electricians and the insulators and furnace installers,and before long we'll need a plumber. It costs to hook up the phone and the TV and the Internet. It's only money.

Boxes are everywhere, loaded and unloaded. Tabletops and counter tops are full of stuff. But moving in is more fun than moving out, that's for sure.


Michael and Phyllis - V said...

Good on ya! We're already planning a visit....but you have a few days to clear the counters. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Glad to hear that you're in your new home! Even though it's've really got something to celebrate for Christmas!

Take care, Keep warm.


Anonymous said...

Yeaaa, finally, photos when you are settled please. Leslie

Anonymous said...

Yes let's see where you are! Leran looks mighty snowy! Happy New Year you guys! Look forward to hearing from you!
Dee Dee & Ursula