Sunday, April 13, 2008

Parisian Phototour

These photos are of course, Paris. The last is of the famous La Porte de l'Infer by Rodin, also known as the Gates of Hell. I thought you might be getting tired of pictures of Fergus, Moab, cars and jeeps.

I'd like to claim these photos as my own but I can't. The photographer allows their use as long as he is credited and linked. So here goes: The photographer is Trey Ratcliff and his site is You can go there to see more of his travel photography. You can click to enlarge, but they don't go too much bigger.


sarah alexander said...

those are really amazing photos. thanks for sharing!

Sheryl said...

Cool photos! And thank you for the package from Moab! That was so thougtful. He's going to look great in his little onesie and hat this summer! We can't wait for Jasper's first river trip!