Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Dordogne, Spring 2006

In the Spring of 2006, Nancy and I made a scouting trip to France with the intention of seeing if there was anywhere in France we could afford to buy that we would also want to live. We started out in Provence and, although very beautiful, we found it to be much more expensive than we could afford. We went next to the Aude and the Ariege, found it to be much less expensive and a very livable place. Our last stop that spring was a region called the Dordogne. As it turned out, it was beautiful and very attractive, had thousands of interesting attractions, but had been discovered. It too, was way out of our price range.
I can show you some pictures of the place, however my memory is very fuzzy. The top photo was taken of the surrounding landscape from some now forgotten village (by me anyway) on a hazy, muggy day. This is one of my favorite photographs because of the soft light, muted colors and the way the landscape recedes into the distance. Second, a very colorful set of stained glass windows, perhaps in that very same town. In an age without movies, television and photography, these windows must have been an awesome vision as you stood in a darkened church.
The bottom two are in Sarlat du Caneda, one of the most beautiful villages in the Dordogne. In the upper one, Nancy waits for me to take her picture as we head into the marketplace. And the last is a photo of a beautifully painted sign advertising Regnier, a seller of beasts. Click to enlarge.

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