Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meanwhile, Back in France.......

We've said this before, but I'm sure you can imagine that its very difficult to do a blog about living in France when you don't live in France. It is just about two months before we leave for Montreal and thence to Paris and on to Leran. We've mined our treasure trove of photos again and again. The only thing left is to go on the internet and steal photos of France and put them on North of Andorra. We may yet come to that (in fact, it's not such a bad idea). Well, just in the nick of time, Alan and Eileen have sent some photos of Leran and Mirepoix. I'll try to interpret them as best I can.
First is a shot of a new sign in Mirepoix that I applaud. It's a sign asking dog owners to pick up their dog poo. Long overdue, highly welcome. Did the city fathers of Mirepoix know Fergus was coming?
A beautiful photo of, I think, a street light in Mirepoix in the snow. Very pretty.

Let's see.......we've got a shot of Lac Montbel looking a bit low again, but much higher than it was at times last year when it seemed almost empty. I suppose it's low because the spring thaw in the Pyrenees hadn't started. Yet, sailboats are out on the lake and there must be more than a few nice sailing days in the winter.

And a shot of the chateau in Leran through the bare trees showing more than you can usually see of the back of the building.

We're getting a little anxious to get back to France. We're ready to resume our building projects, and as quickly as possible get the deuxieme etage salle de bain finished up and ready for visitors. I'm ready for a fresh baguette from the boulangerie, a visit to the Mirepoix market and an afternoon sitting at the Leran bar sipping french wine and watching the world go by.

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