Thursday, April 3, 2008

The April Action Car Show

I'm sure I left you with a very bad impression of Moab in my last post about the Jeep Safari. I thought that I would try to rectify that and show you one of the good car-related events that happens every year in Moab.
This is the April Action Car show which this year happens on Saturday, April 26th. The pictures above are just a small sampling of the hundreds of classic cars that arrive in Moab for the show. Some of the cars are really special, and some, very few are not so special. All of the cars are the absolute pride and joy of the owner. Most of the cars arrive on a trailer or are driven or towed from a short distance in Colorado or Utah. A very few of the cars that are entered just belong to some dude who goes back and forth to work in it and cleans out the hamburger wrappers the day of the show.
This year will be the 16th annual show and they will have street rods, muscle cars, classics, customs, tractors and trucks. Now, I'm not a car guy, but I do appreciate this show. And, yes, there is a lot of gas burned that weekend. There is an awesome parade of vehicles at the end of the show, up and down Main Street, and you think you might have been transported back in time to some dusty town in the Central Valley of California. The people are nice, family oriented folks. Not the absolute jerks of Jeep Safari. The town is crowded, but in a nice way. I especially like the restored cement truck and the flesh colored hot-rod. Enjoy the pictures and remember, you can click on them to enlarge.

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Judy said...

Hey Doug;

When we lived in Norman, Oklahoma we had a '41 Chevy very similar to you second photo. Same color, lots of chrome, but it was a 4-door. Ron (along with some student help) took it all apart; had the chrome re-chromed, put on sidewalls. He loved driving it around Norman and totally embarrassed our daughters when he would show up at their schools to pick them up after school.
I learned to "double-shift" with that car. It had vacuum windshield wipers that had a peculiarity to them. When you would speed up the wipers would go faster and when you would go slower because it was raining so hard, the wipers would also go slower.
The car had originally belonged to my grandmother. We sold it before we moved to Montana. Judy