Monday, August 6, 2007

Spectacular...Ah Oui!

The Leran'Cestral Spectacular is next weekend and Nancy and I have our parts down to perfection. As you know, I play a monk. I walk out, turn, and walk off. As a paysan, Nancy has much more complicated part including being rounded up and abused by the followers of Attila the Hun, picking grain, and centuries later rounded up and executed by Simon du Montfort. We can't show you pictures of our costumes yet because we don't have them. We just found out we need to go and appear for a fitting.

Pictured here is Anita Lopez. She plays the part of a jealous wife and berates her husband for looking at a "tres jolie fille." The pretty girl walks by and the husband sneaks a look and is caught by the wife, Anita. The tres jolie fille is played by the young lady in the third picture, on the far right. The husband is played by the young man in the beret in the first picture. The husband and wife have speaking parts, meaning they lip synch to the recorded sound track. The actors doing the speaking parts must gesticulate wildly so the audience knows who is speaking. Anita is perfect for the role and does a very animated jealous wife. I was a little surprised that she needed extra padding for the part as she is amply endowed to begin with. But, as you probably know, in the theatre, one must occasionally exaggerate shamelessly because the audience doesn't get close ups like in the movies or television. So Anita wears the plastic butt enhancer and the plastic voluminous breasts. I don't know what they are called in French but I'm sure it would be pretty funny. For those gentlemen looking for a cheap thrill, you can click on the pictures to enlarge even further.


Anonymous said...

Luke loves Anita Lopez' costume! Before I read the text, I thought that woman with Nancy just doesn't look quite "normal" right I was! HA!

Nancy you look so "serene" in your fit right into Medieval French history...maybe you were French in a prior life? I just know I used to be Russian!

I'm sure you will be "STARS" when you wake up next Monday! I so look forward to hearing all about your historic adventures while over-acting wildly on Sunday!

Have you heard about the terrible fires in Montana? I always think of you and Doog whenever I hear about Montana on the news...and I feel so badly that such a beautiful place is being victimized by the flames. I hope there are no fatalities from the fires...that would make it so much worse.

Have fun on Sunday night!

Anonymous said...

Well darn it I don't remember loaning my butt enhancer to anyone in France! I have been looking everywhere for that thing, my pants just seem to fit so loosly without it.
Don't forget to bring it home with you when you return.