Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pictures I Like

These are some photos that I (Doug) like but couldn't find any way to squeeze into a post. So here they are. Most of them need no further explanation. The gentleman pictured is Jean-Pierre, our neighbor. Another of the Jean-Somethings. We appreciate him greatly because he speaks very slowly in French. He knows how hard it is to learn a language. His English is better than our French, but he speaks it slowly as well. He is searching for words. The traffic sign must be from the 1950's and is in Laroque d'Olmes. The puppy is from the first evening market inLeran, the bread is at the Mirepoix market.

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Anonymous said...

OOO-la-la...what lovely breads...I have this overwhelming need to grab a stick of butter! YUM!

Can you tell...Luke is ready for dinner!