Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some images somewhere in France

The interior image is of the old stone sink which is now in the master bedroom of 14 Rue de Four, Leran. Apparently, in the old days, any livestock owned by the family was kept overnight on the ground floor. This was of course for safety of the critters, and also for heat in the winter. A few cows and horses on the ground floor genterated a significant amount of heat for the house. Smells too, I would imagine. So anyway, the kitchen used to be on the second floor, or as they call it in France, the first floor. We're so glad it wasn't thrown out during the many remodels which must have taken place since the animals have been living elsewhere and "la cusine" has been on the ground floor.

As always, click on the pictures to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

I am obviously "architecturally stupid" because I cannot figure out how that stone structure with what appears to be a "triangular wooden shelf"? is a sink?!?!? I can't figure out "form" or "function"! Luke is confused...but glad that you are happy to have the old stone sink in your possession! I guess I will eventually have to come to France and "become enlightened" about old French architecture!

Doug said...

If kyou enlarge the photo and look down at the bottom, there is a hole or a drain that goes outside. I assume there were once vessels of water on the sides for rising and washing. Primitive, but it' a sink.