Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Memories of Provence

Nancy and Doug,

Your blog discussion of paint colors reminded me of a window in Provence that lingered indelibly in my memory with its lovely skyblue shutters, wild flowers, and stones. I just ran across the photo. The blue shutters have turned brown! However, it remains beautiful. Enjoy!



leslie said...

What town had the tourquoise shutters? Starts with a G, we visited the cemetery way at the top. Nancy had a sprained ankle. I have a bunch of shots of color combinations from Vaison and the environs, I'll see if I can send them tonight. I'm sure that what ever you come up with it will be wonderful.

Doug said...

It was Gigondas, perhaps.

leslie said...

Yup, Gigondas, and Seguret was that gorgeous red.