Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hot Sun, Cool Shadows

The following is the first few sentences of Chapter Two of Hot Sun, Cool Shadows by Angela Murrills, a writer from Vancouver, BC and who, with her husband, have a second home in Leran.

"Why does everyone in North America live life at such a pace? This question often comes up for discussion when we're in France, usually over a lengthy meal. Here, with just about everywhere closing for lunch for two hours, you can't shop or see your bank manager, so there's little point in rushing through a sandwich. And somehow, I can't picture many French business types eating salade de poulet sandwiches at their desks, except maybe in Paris. What we were learning more and more were the virtues of slowness, whether it was a way of getting around that let you really see the countryside or lingering over a dinner that took long pleasurable hours to prepare."

When I look at it that way, maybe I can begin to appreciate the virtues of slowness. (I am certainly learning French slowly.) I recommend the book if you can find it. We got it from Amazon.


Amy said...

I am trying to see if my comments can be read on this blog, I have had much difficulty trying to respond to this blog and yet I feel determined to let you know I am out here.
Most Affectionately,
Your beloved Sister Amy

leslie said...

I liked the comments by Angela Murrills, I think that is why I love to go to the south of France. It is a good pace, time to enjoy your meal. I read somewhere that one mother expected her family to spend as much time at the Thanksgiving table as she had preparing the dinner. That's too long for me but the idea of taking the time to enjoy well prepared food, coffee after, to linger at a nice restaurant with friends. To shop for fresh veggies every day, it just seems as if you are enjoying each day when you have the time to notice the wonderful things going on around you. It is good for you.

leslie said...

Yeaaa Amy,

You did it, it will get easier. Love, Leslie