Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Near Vaison-la-Romaine, Provence, 2004

More pictures from France, courtesy of Nancy the photographer. Click to enlarge. Anybody care to comment?


Anonymous said...

Luke loves the pictures...but those turquoise shutters are just a tad too bright for my eyes! That's a color I advise you NOT to use! I have continued to think about your "paint color problem" and I also think that you could have a really pretty exterior if you choose a pastel to medium shade of blue, green, pink, gray or even lavender with stark white shutters...kind of a reverse color scheme. Would that be too "American" looking? I'm not fond of "earth" tones (brown/orange/gold/beige) so I have ignored those color schemes...but there are several combinations that would be pretty if you're into those shades. And of course, you could go with a "food theme" and have "cream" walls with "sage" shutters...doesn't that sound "yummy"?

Doug said...

I am waiting to see what the Rue du Four looks like with bright sunshine. When we were there in Jan/Feb there wasn't much sunlight on the street (it runs east west and the sun was low in the south). So I'm reserving judgement for awhile. Cream and sage does sound good, however.