Thursday, June 23, 2011

Un Sac de Marin

Normally, a canvas duffle bag hanging on a fence at a vide grenier wouldn't catch my attention---even if only one Euro.  But this one wasn't just a duffle.  It was "un sac de marin", used by sailors in the Marine Nationale (French Navy).  The gentleman selling it proclaimed he wasn't the artist and was more interested in demonstrating the snap closure and carrying handle.  

Not knowing anything about any navy, let alone the French navy, I can only offer my interpretation of the illustration.  The sailor has his bag packed and is presenting his permission slip for leave to his commanding officer. The officer denies the request and informs the sailor he is to be punished.  Where I get lost is the nuance of the officer's statement in the balloon:  

Any translators out there?  Did this sailor get sent to the brig, have to swab the deck, or get his leave?  It's a Euro's worth of torture until I find out.


auntluke said...

I'm afraid I can't help with a translation...but I think that duffelbag is really charming. Let us know if you figure out what it says.

Take care. Luke

Anonymous said...

Traduction of the paper is:
"That is FUN; WE do not have both the same document!"
Document in sailer's hand is an holiday pass, while documents in officer's hand is (as you can guess) a punishment.
(I was attracted to this blog regarding information about Lt Paul Swank)