Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot Hot Air

Sometimes at a vide grenier, I see an item that isn't just the typical bed linens or baby clothes or old tools. Yes, sometimes there really are those one-or-a-kind things that deserve notice. Such is the Mari Gonflable, the inflatable husband. As the packaging highlights, M. Gonflable possesses superior qualities:

All your friends will love him. No danger of annoying your parents. Always tries to be pleasing. Doesn't watch football on TV. Never farts. 100% faithful. and...floats!

If you are interested in acquiring 1 meter of pure happiness, then Mari Gonflable just might be your dream partner. I did not take M. Gonflable out of the box to determine exactly what dimension the 1 meter referred. In the interest allowing others to partake this experience, I left M. Gonflable on the table in La Bastide S/l'Hers.

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