Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Come with Me on My Morning Walk

Most mornings I walk out our door, cross the stone bridge, past the chateau and 
head down the tree lined lane.  I turn the corner and get
another great view of the chateau, this time with the tennis court.  The pool is just out of sight on the right.  I contunue on
up a gentle hill, through another tree lined lane.
I continue on through more trees until suddenly, the little road breaks out of the trees,
and I have this beautiful view of the village of Leran.  In the distance are the eastern reaches of the Pyrenees.
On this particular  morning, the hayfield had just been mowed but hadn't been gathered up into large round bales.
At the top of the hill I take a left and head down a little grass path used by walkers, bicycle and horses.
The path takes a left at the River Touyre,
which flows under a small footbridge,
and back to the beginning where it flows beneath the old stone bridge near our house, and I'm home. (Click on 'em to enlarge 'em.)


Harley said...

What a fabulous walk and one that you would only find by living there. How long is it?

Peggy said...

Aren't you lucky? I won't tell Fergus that you take this walk without him.

auntluke said...

Your walking path is just gorgeous! I felt myself relaxing just from looking at the pictures! I am curious what the general distance is from start to finish. I can't really judge mileage too well!

Take care. Luke

North of Andorra said...

I think the distance might be about a mile and a quarter.