Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Pitchers" from Julian

Dear Doug and Nancy

It is encouraging to think that Gwenda and I will see you and Fergus in your natural habitat in Moab in less than a week. Mexican swine 'flu will not keep us away, no Sir.

Meanwhile we have enjoyed some wonderful summer weather in Léran. The walking group, the Lérandonneurs, went to Chalabre for a delightful climb to the north of the town. The views from about 600 meters up were great but my pitchers will give you only the smallest idea of what we enjoyed. It is small stuff compared with Yellowstone but, for us, it is paradise.

We had a lunch back in the town at the Café du Sport. Afterwards on our way back to our transport I spotted the little shrine to Fergus's friend.

Woof woof until Friday 15th May 2009.


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