Wednesday, March 4, 2009

'Lérandonneurs' Ramble Again

Try as I might, I can't get Julian's pictures in the right order. The important thing is that you can see them. You'll just have to work it like a puzzle and imagine which came in what order. Dear Doug and Nancy

It sems to be the beginning of Spring here - trees are budding, crocuses are out, tulips are pushing up longer leaves every day, blackbirds are competing over their new territories and everyone is feeling a little brighter.

Today, 3rd March, we had another wonderful walk. Peter Matthews from Canada led us on a good hike starting at Caudeval to the north east of Léran. Under thin cloud he took us on a long slog uphill to the top of a ridge that overlooked Trésiers and Lagarde (At Lagarde there is a derelict chateau where the aristocratic Levis family lived before they were thrown out during the French Revolution, after which they built their new chateau here in Léran). The sky began to clear and we had great views in all directions. We found a 'bus stop' in the middle of nowhere (see photos), a shed put up by someone who evidently comes here often to enjoy the fantastic views.

After the walk we went back to the Bar in Léran for lunch kindly provided by Marek and Shirley.

In our group, as you can see, there are now plenty of dogs providing potential playful company for Fergus when he returns.

By the way, the walking group now has a name - roll together the three words Les Léran Randonneurs (the Léran hikers) and you get 'Lérandonneurs'. Or as someone said today when we were slightly lost 'Lérandonerreurs'.

We look forward to your return here in the summer.

Julian and Gwenda

PS I don't know why the 'attaching process' muddles up the order of the slides - they should be in order 1 to 9.

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