Saturday, March 28, 2009

Be Sure to Say "Bonjour"

Mike and Cassie of Moab, Utah, have rented our house in Leran for the last three weeks of April. After a week in Paris they will be heading down to Ariege and Leran. It will be Mike and Cassie's, and daughter Anna's, first visit to France.

Cassie has thirteen years of French language classes, but I think she's a little nervous being the only French speaker in the family.

Mike is a carpenter, electrician, plumber...a jack of all the building trades. Cassie runs the local health food store. They're really nice folks. If you happen to run across them in the village, be sure to say "Bonjour" or "Howdy". In case of an emergency, or just some puzzling French bureaucratic boondoggle, we've given them the phone numbers of a few English speaking folks in the village, so if you're in Leran, and get a call from someone with an American accent, it may be them.

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Anonymous said...

I exect that they will be overwhelmed by our hospitality!


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