Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last Vestiges of Summer

The first sign for me that summer is slowly drifting into autumn is always the shorter days. Fergus has heightened this awareness. We have two huge veluxes (skylights) at 14 Rue du Four, capturing the first rays of dawn. Fergus is ever-keen at logging as many walks as possible during the day, so during June and July he was alerting us to this breaking news regularly at 05:00. He's now slacking off sometimes until well past 06:00.

Sunflowers, hundreds of fields in staggered plantings, are all in various stages of dreary to dead. Birds are feasting on the seeds without waiting for them to be processed and bagged. Lac de Montbel is used up, significantly down from even the high water mark this year. The waters siphoned off for irrigation, it is no longer the madhouse scene of swimming and boating activities earlier this summer.

Fall foliage is beginning to do its thing, as daylight diminishes. These are some of the "first days of crispness", those cool invigorating mornings that energize you. These are the days that thankfully begin to put the mouche to bed, and it's time to tie back the mouche rideau until next summer.

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