Tuesday, September 2, 2008

La Galerie de Leran

Through a narrow passageway at the end of Rue du Four sits an imposing house on Cours St. Jacques. But, like most village houses in France, it's not what you see from the street that is most captivating. The home of Andy and Amanda Attenburrow, Le Castelou, falls into this category. During the month of August, in the Galerie, garden and adjoining salon rooms, several local artists displayed theirs works. It never ceases to amaze us, that for a village the size of Leran, there is always something going on.

The large balls fascinated me. The artist worked with inflatable exercise balls, covered with layers of paper, an incision made to remove the ball, then covered with hundreds of copies of her personal photos.

At Le Castelou, Amanda teaches watercolor and collage classes. Students are housed in one of the several renovated rooms, now part of their Bed and Breakfast. On an easel at the entrance to the room displaying Amanda's artwork was the painting on the left entitled "Village". I kept going back to look at it and realized that Doug had done the same. Later that evening we told Andy we wanted it, and he sheepishly informed us that it wasn't really a village in France, but rather in Umbria Italy. Fine by me, I love Italy too.
Thanks to Rachel for the Photos.


Anonymous said...

Luke loves the stained glass window with the garden view behind it...it so peaceful...you just want to stand there and look out for the next several years!

I also agree with you that the "Village" painting is lovely. At first glance I thought of some Cezanne paintings of similar landscapes. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Maybe if you ever finish your house Doug can start painting his own French landscapes- yes blog readers it is true, my brother Doug is also a painter although he would never admit it.

Anonymous said...

Two comments: one, I remember making piggy banks in second grade with a balloon and paper mache slathered all over the soon-to-be-popped balloon. And two, I just saw a sensational exhibit today at the Denver Art Musuem of the Impressionists' landscapes and I feel very inspired. Maybe I can add to your body of artwork some day! (Don't hold your breath--- inspriation is fleeting.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that last comment was from Peggy.

Anonymous said...

We've been making giant Easter Eggs out of papier mache and balloons for years. We cut little doors in them to put Easter candy in and get the balloon out. Friends and kids help decorate them with old New Yorker covers, clip art, paint and fabric. They are great for Easter Egg hunts. Peggy--let's take a watercolor course there, not that you need it but, I do. Leslie