Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Said I Loved What?

Somewhere in a long forgotten post I said I loved the word itinerary because it indicated travel plans were afoot. Well, I may have spoken prematurely. Our upcoming itinerary is rather daunting. Here's where we think we'll be spending the next several nights after we leave Moab on Sunday morning the eighth of June: (1)Denver, Colorado at my sister Peggy's for one night; (2)Lincoln, Nebraska where we have an appointment with the USDA regarding taking an animal to France; (3)Merrillville, Indiana where we'll have dinner with Nancy's brother and family; (4)near Toronto, Ontario, Canada; (5 and 6)two nights in Burlington, Vermont where my two nieces, Anna and Katie are living; (7)one night somewhere over the north Atlantic, probably sleepless or nearly sleepless; (8)and perhaps one night somewhere in France between Paris and Leran. Whew! That's what I call an itinerary.

I know. I know. It seems like a long, boring journey, but there are some high points I'm looking forward to that you, perhaps, have not considered. I get to see two thirds of all my sisters in Denver, and their families, drink some beer and wine and maybe have a barbecue. If that is not enough, then a visit to the USDA facility in Lincoln. Almost all my life I have been wanting to visit this magical place and I know you have dreamed about it too. I think there will be several posts, perhaps with pictures, regarding the place where some of the greatest agricultural minds this country has ever produced toil daily in relative obscurity. Following that, I get to visit with Nancy's brother and sister-in-law and not have to go to a funeral. I have met Jim two or three times in 26 years, generally because of a funeral and always in Merrillville. I can't think of any high points regarding staying overnight in Toronto, but I'm sure there are some, and if there are we will let you know. And lastly, but not leastly, a visit with fully one third of all my nieces in Burlington.

An itinerary like that would be the entire summer vacation for some. But not for us. We pay a brief visit to Pierre Trudeau Airport in Montreal, and then on to la belle France.


Anonymous said...

After stopping in Merrillville, IN I'm sure La Belle France will seem even more interesting and beautiful! HA! You will be right next door to Schererville where Mother Lukas lives in near proximity to the other little Lukas'! EEK!

Nancy, if you would like to give Potts, Mary Kay or Carolyn a call while you are in the "bosom of Hoosierland"....I can give you their numbers. I know they would love to have a word with you!

I'm glad that there are 2 of you...that will help to keep you awake during a LONG trip!

Be safe. I look forward to hearing about all of your international adventures!

Ian G. said...

Looking forward to seeing you both again, here in rainy ole France!(Bring an umbrella!!)

Bon voyage..

Ian and Jo in Rivel

Anonymous said...

Speaking for one sixth of your nieces, we are thrilled that you are choosing to spend two nights with us! See you soon, Anna

sarah alexander said...

This niece wishes she could be there too. I'm tired of working on and selling houses already. And it's been raining and 50 degrees since June 1. On a happy note, we did sell our Ballard house yesterday!