Sunday, November 11, 2007

We Get Letters

We get letters here at North of Andorra. Here's one we got just the other day. Jean-Pierre of Leran writes, "Did Fergus gain 19 pounds in two weeks and does he now have a new doghouse made of recycled plywood, recycled metal roofing and old licence plates?"

Yes, Jean-Pierre. Right you are, on all counts. Be sure to write again with more remarkable and amazingly omnipotent questions. Here are some pictures of young Fergus with his doll collectlion , his new dog house, and as a bonus, a picture of part of my licence plate collection.


Anonymous said...

Doug- It is remarkable that Jean Pierre knew the exact questions to ask about your new puppy. Dan is building Hula a dog house but it looks more like an a-frame with a large sunporch. It doesn't have as much decor either. Hula just got jealous when I said out loud in my "dog" voice that Fergus was cute. Uh oh. I'm in trouble with my dog.

Anonymous said...

What a cute dog house! I hope you have another one ready in size XL....
xoxo, sarah

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Ajax had such a snazzy looking house he would actually go into it! My crazy dog prefers sitting in the dirt during a snow storm to both his house, or my house! -Anna