Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in Denver

Nancy and I headed over to Denver for Thanksgiving with my two younger sisters and their families. Fergus found himself amongst two other black labs, one smaller and one bigger. Small, medium and large, Jack, Fergus and Scooter pile onto Madeleine's lap. Madeleine is Amy and Dan's daughter and she's in second grade.

Tony, who along with Peggy, visited us in France this summer, catches up on his sleep. Tony has a burgeoning medical practice to attend to, babies to deliver, and he just renewed his pilot's license and has other commitments too numerous too mention. In his spare time he teaches skiing. You have to sleep sometime and it was not exactly an exciting football game. Dan, the guy not sleeping, is preparing one of about six side dishes that he served on Thursday.

You can see Nancy preparing my favorite hors d'ouvre, tomatoes and mozzarella, and avocado in olive oil. She was assigned the task of appetizers for a dozen folks. I caught my sister, Peggy, who spent the previous day making pies and Thanksgiving day doing the turkey, about to take my picture. The dinner table had folks from Alaska, Louisiana, Indiana, Colorado and Utah. The ages ranged from, oh, I'm going to guess, from seven to ninety-two. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.


Anonymous said...

Between the pictures, and talking to Mimi on the phone, it almost seems like I was there too! Kate and I missed everyone, and hopefully someday the black dogs can meet their extra-large cousin Ajax! Love, Anna

Anonymous said...

Doug,Nancy and "Ferguson",
We sure had fun seeing you guys but now that you are gone I reaize it was too short of a visit. I will tell Anna,Ellen and Kate that we missed them a lot. Mimi really missed her cousins so they better hurry home for Christmas b/c she is is waiting. I do beleive this was the finest Thanksgiving feast we've had in many years, I loved every dish. The apps were outta this world!

Anonymous said...

Jim just told me that you got a new puppy so I came to check him out! He's adorable. Bear would love him. Glad to see the blog is back up and running too.

Baby is coming in March- we are very excited and getting everything ready.

Happiest of holidays from MN to Moab!

Sheryl, Jim, Baby, & Bear

sarah alexander said...

Happy Thanksgiving from the Oldham contingent!