Monday, October 1, 2007

That's All Folks

We're not very good travelers any more. Maybe we never were. Travel by airplane, however, is getting to be more and more stressful. We were strapped into our straight jackets in the transatlantic cattle car for the flight to Chicago and robotically chewing the plastic food hermetically sealed in cardboard boxes tossed on the tray tablettes. The airline was apparently short-staffed that day, so we helped them out by picking up our luggage and carrying it over to our next departure terminal for the flight to Denver. Customs was a mere formality. We did flash our passports a few times and of course walked barefoot from one very bored uniform to another, but they never once checked the back side of the required US Customs entry card listing all potential contraband items. I guess if you can carry it through Security, you can keep it.

Jet lag has subsided and we are no longer taking naps as frequently as newborns, so it is time to get to the point. We must bid good-bye to our audience.

The raison d'etre of this Blog was, as you may remember, to "Document the trials and they attempt to purchase and renovate a French "fixer-upper" in the foothills of the Pyrenees with new French power tools and a new language." Feel free to offer an evaluation: on a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being nowhere close, 10 being a real winner), how'd we do? I know my answer, but mum's the word until I hear some other responses. We really would like to hear from our readers, if any, who haven't yet commented. It would be nice to know who was reading and where they were from. This is your last chance.

Anyway, we're back in Moab and settling into our very non-French existence quite quickly. We're already plotting next year's return to Leran, but the Blog must rest. It's that simple. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there who has been either a faithful, occasional or one-time only reader; a special outpouring of gratitude to those who took the time to lift our spirits with Comment contributions or emails and let us know that 'somebody is out there listening'; and thanks for all the encouragement and nudging from many of you to keep the Blog going. All we can say is: We'll pass the baton on to you if you like. Yogi Berra said: "It ain't over 'til it's over". Well, it's been great.....but it's over.


Dave Cannarella said...

I loved reading your blog for these past several months. You two are such accomplished writers, in addition to your other obvious renovation skills. You have given all kinds of ideas for Kathy & I to make a trip to Europe (but no renovation). I would grade your blog as a 9 (only because I never give a 10 to anything). Thanks so much for your comments and informative discussions about life in Leran and travels around France.

Montana Barb said...

Hey guys,

Altho' I did not contribute much in the way of comments or sage advice, it has been awesome reading about your adventures! Having lived overseas, albeit my parents did all the work, I know the challenges and joys of learning about another culture. I would rate your blog a 9 as well. Next year will be yet another chapter in your adventure. In the meantime, welcome "home".

Montana Barb

Bill Minckler said...

Thoroughly enjoyed every word. 10.

Welcome home!

sarah alexander said...

A perfect 10! Every time I've read an entry from your blog, I felt an immediate connection to you and your experiences. It's hard to really explain but I'm sure all the other readers know exactly what I'm talking about. I feel as if I've been there with you this whole time, tasting what you taste, smelling what you smell (good and bad, merci a la Fumers!), etc...Anyway, I will sincerely miss reading your blog and sure hope you pick it back up again next spring!

Anonymous said...

10! I'll for sure miss your blog. It was a great way to disappear from my office for a moment and check out life in France. Thank you for sharing and please pick it up again in the future!

Sheryl, Jim, Baby, and Bear

Anonymous said...

I will definitely miss your blog! It was a great escape for me to read about life in France, spending afternoons in the local bar and meeting new friends. And of course, the beautiful pictures can me a little sight-seeing everyday. I've thought about starting a blog because it seems like such a great idea to keep a group of friends up-to-date on the in's and out's, and you both did a beautiful job. Cheers, Anna :)

Harley said...

Ten ten ten! How I'm going to miss your blog! I looked forward to reading it every few days with the same excitement that I anticipated the Saturday matinee serials (you young folks won't know what I am talking about, but think "Lone Ranger") and the radio serials like "The Shadow" and "Stella Dallas" when I was a little kid. I never knew what adventures or challenges would be reported next by Nancy and/or Doug. And it was illustrated with your super photographs! You both write so well and descriptively that I felt as though I were there with you, hanging out in the local bar or trying to figure out how to get a roof-top terrace. Please do resume blogging next year in Leran, so that I can again share the fun. Thank you for a great job! Harley

Judy said...

I'll add my kudos. Yours is my first blog and it has been a great ride from your planning stage to bringing over Old Smokey to finding a place to the wonderfully illustrated account of your time in Leran. and the history lessons to boot.
What a full cup! You guys certainly have a way with words to be able to make us feel like we were there with you. I will miss the nearly daily check to see if there was a new entry.

Many thanks for a fun adventure. Judy Hess

d said...

to quote the oft referenced cinematic masterpiece Spinal Tap, "when you you get to ten, like, where are you going to go? mine (amplifier) goes to 11" - your blog goes to 11!!