Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Short Walk Up Negro Bill Canyon

We took Fergus for a short walk this afternoon up a very beautiful canyon about four miles from our house. Negro Bill Canyon is named after a mulatto settler who lived near the mouth of the canyon just after the Civil War, who went by the moniker "Nigger Bill". You occasionally still hear folks around here call it that, as that was it's official name until 20 or 30 years ago.
Negro Bill Canyon was once the site of a heated battle between environmentalists and motorized recreationalists. The Bureau of Land Management would close access to vehicles and the Grand County deep thinkers society would bring out a bulldozer and open it up again. Thankfully, it is closed to motorized recreation now and it is a beautiful walk. Our dogs have liked it because it always has flowing water, summer, winter, fall and spring. Fergus hasn't decided whether he likes water or not.


Judy said...

I loved the pictures of Fergus. He looks like he would be easier to train than O'Malley who was so big when you got him.

I'll send you more pictures of our new house as I take them. We move to Omaha in a week and it can't come too soon. I'm tired of packing and this morning Ron slipped and fell in the bathroom. He didn't hurt himself; his feet just sort of slid out from under him.

Just think, it'll be a new way to get acquainted in the new neighborhood...asking neighbors to help me get Ron up off the floor.

Anonymous said...

Doug and Nancy - You may have another O'Malley sized dog on your hands OR Fergus is older than two months. We just got "Jack" who was born a week before my birthday (August 26) so we know he is eleven weeks which would be two months. He is a lot smaller than Fergus looks. I love dog memory lane. For Tony and me it was Easy, Fred and Ginger, Buster, Ernie, Scooter and now Jack. We will have fun comparing notes as the pups grow.
love, Peggy

Anonymous said...

Oh, hold on, I just forgot some names to add to dog memory lane...
it was Easy, BUDDY, Fred and Ginger, Buster, ERNIE I, Ernie (II), SIMON, Scooter, Jack. That would be a great disservice to forget the ones that didn't make it to a ripe old age.

Anonymous said...

We thought the blog was over, s this is the first time we've looked for ages and you're back - excellent!

Fergus looks lively, and Negro Bill Canyon looks beautiful. So different from the walks around Leran!

We're in England just now, clearing my mothers house as she is now permanently in a nursing home (and loves it!) but we're back to France on the 18th in time for John & Leeanne's carol singing/wine drinking/food eating session.
Will check your letter box again then.

Eileen & Alan