Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another Visit to Carcassonne

As we may have already noted on another post, Carcassonne is a pretty touristy spot, but you have to see it once in your life. We did it again today with my sister Peggy, and my beau-frere, Tony. They are here for a week so we made a trip through the vineyards around Limoux. (The grapes are hanging from the vines and are ready for harvest any time now. ) We wandered around the Cite until I couldn't stand it any longer. Then we had a great lunch and shared a bottle of blanquette, the white sparkling wine that precedes champagne, which of course we told you about in an earlier post.

The cite was absolutely packed with visitors. I heard voices in Italian, Spanish, French, German, American and the Queen's English. It's been strange to be here in Leran, which is so far off the beaten path of tourism, and then visit Carcassonne, which is one of the places that has been a tourist destination for over a century. Carcassonne is beautiful and impressive. A nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.

Nancy took these photos of the trio of gypsies that played the accordion and handled the puppets.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour ma famille! Peggy and Tony look the same in France as they did just a week ago here in the USA. That was what Madeleine noticed when I showed her the pictures in this posting. She sure is smart,huh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy and Daddy! I hope you are having a good trip! And I agree, Madeleine sure is smart... :) -Love from Vermont, Anna (& Kate in spirit)

Noah said...

Noah thinks those puppets are awesome. It's good to see you drinking so much blanquette de Limoux. Word up.