Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another Casualty of War

We went this morning to a Vide Grenier in the town of Manses. That's a garage sale held in the middle of town and people set up tables and sell off their junk. In the square, where in every French town there is inevitably a monument to the "enfants" lost in WWI, was this inscription. In 1944 an unlucky individual by the name of Albert Vidal was assassinated by the Gestapo late in the war.


leslie said...

I have been trying to respond to you from home and I can't do it. I am always in such a hurry here at work.
Albert Vidal was the mayor of the town, did you get that? Maire.
It looks like fun, we are all jealous that we can't be there with you as well. Have a ball. Leslie

Anonymous said...

I just saw a documentary film, "No End in Sight" about the war in Iraq...highly critical of all the choices and decisions made by the Bush administration...and of course it made me mad as hell...and here is the memorial to a man who died 63 years ago in a war that still has repercussions today...and I can't help but think...there is no end in sight for those who would make war upon others...and yesterday being 9/11, this is particularly on my mind.

BUT...the opposite of "cruel death" is "wonderful new life" nephew, Brad and his wife, Angie, finally had their baby...8 days late and requiring a c-section because he was a big baby...9lbs 4oz and 24 inches long...maybe we will have another basketball player in the his uncle Adam who is 6'6"!

So every year amidst the sadness of remembering the bombings, I will have something to celebrate also...Joshua Lukas! How can you not love having another "JL" on the planet...I really love his initials!

Enjoy your last few days in Leran...while the rest of us enjoy the last few days of your "wonderful summer blog"!