Friday, April 20, 2007

Submissions for the Shutter Color Contest

My niece Sarah, and my sister Leslie, submit these photographs for our consideration. Maybe when they get a chance they would provide some commentary. I think these are all from Provence in the town of Beaumes de Venise.


Anonymous said...

The wine-colored shutters in the top picture are attractive...although not quite as oo-la-la as those scarlet red shutters in one of your previous blogs! The wine color would be very attractive with a pale creamy off-white tone ( with a few drops of pink in it).

But I must say I don't like the spring-green shutters in the last 2's not a color that you want to look at every day for several will start to "wear on you". I have a set of sheets that color that I like for approx. 1 week every two to three months...but I really start hating that green after one week!

If you want to be "green" go with a color that's slightly darker and has a slightly "bluer" tone or a "sage" shade that is lighter and more subtle with a little gray in it...I think you will like your shutters better...and longer!

I don't have any pictures to illustrate any of my ideas...but if you send me your address in France I'll have an adventure with paint samples in the local "paint emporium" and send you some samples of things I think you might like. Also I'll try to pay more attention to the old houses here in Charleston...they have a rather "tropical" palette...but they are quite the homes in some of Winslow Homer's paintings.

Good luck with your return trip. Luke continues to enjoy your "adventures"...I'm always glad to hear fom y'all!

Doug said...

In a future post, when the deal is signed, sealed and delivered, we will give you our mailing address. We may be asking for care packages.

And Lukas, I do want to see some color ideas for the facade and shutters. I will post some pictures in a few weeks time of the house in full sunlight. And perhaps a few pictures of houses in town so we can see what our Communist mayor has approved of up till now.

Anonymous said...

Your mayor is a COMMUNIST...oh my! Then there's no other option but RED! How appropriate to learn this "tasty little detail" on the day Boris Yeltsin is buried! Luke hasn't travelled much...but I have been to that cemetary where Boris will be sharing the "after-life" with Nikita Khruschev...among's really a quite interesting place!

I've lost track...are you still in the US or are you back in Europe? Either way...have fun!

nancy said...

We are still in the US, for about 2 more weeks I think. The pickup is enroute (so they tell us) to Barcelona. Hopefully the goods are still inside. We haven't met the Communist mayor yet, and will probably wait until we can at least speak some coherent sentences (in French that is). I have no idea whether it is an advantage or disadvantage, but we must approach him to gain permission for our rooftop terrace.

With regard to shutter color, the discussion has been way, way, way, too cerebral for me. I'm more inclined to throw paint chips in a hat, pull one out and go for it. Every time I have attempted to over-analyze a situation, it has backfired. Doug will second that I'm sure. I can always repaint.

leslie said...

Hey Nancy,
When we chose colors for the rooms in Vaison, I got out my water colors, which I so handily had brought with me, along with a sewing machine and various other things. I made my own paint chips and then we chose from that, then M. Guitrand mixed the colors we chose using his big stash of pigments. It was fun. I still say it would be really hard to choose from all the wonderful possibilities, you can hardly go wrong. I thought you were joking about the mayor approving colors, are you serious? What if he has bad taste, or is color blind? Maybe that's why
the colors we can see in your photo aren't too exciting. I was hoping for that soft ochre or or burnt ochre (does that work the same way raw sienna and burnt sienna, the first being the ochre and the second a rose) for the stucco and then the beautiful lavender blue shutters on the old house in one of your earliest posts. The ochre and blue are sky and earth in Roussillion terms. Or... I've so colors in my mind, so many combinations in your posts, I still couldn't choose. Have fun. Take your water colors. Love, leslie