Saturday, April 28, 2007

Advertising a la Francaise

Back in the 70's in the days when mom and pop businesses were still plentiful, Doug and I saw one of the best advertising gimmicks in Westcliffe, Colorado. "Toad's Motel---Kids with Warts Stay Free!" We didn't have either kids or warts and we were camping, but I've tried to take a few pictures of signs or advertising ever since.
These photos are from various trips to France. I have no idea what "Baby Jesus Pur Porc" is, but I'm a true believer! Somehow I would think 'Sloggi' is not the image I really want to convey in slim-fit underwear, but I can't knock it til I've tried it. Doug and I have laughed over this menu board in Capestrang on our canal boat trip, so much so that we stopped again on the way back to see if had been changed. While we lunched at the restaurant twice, neither of us was brave enough to order the "salad in a warm goat". Ymmmm! Sure makes me appreciate good translating. The universal restroom sign in Beziers, however, needs no translation.


sarah alexander said...

I LOVE those! Especially, the Gready Salad and Salad of the Leader!

Anonymous said...

I love the "salad in a strip of bacon"...obviously a teeny-tiny salad for those trying to do penance for eating that cholestrol-filled bacon! HA!

The restroom signs are a hoot...I love the "woman with the gun"...let's face it ladies...we have all met some strange folks in ladies and abroad!

I must ask about the top picture with every image crossed-out...are they telling you you cannot enter with any of these items...or that they don't carry those items in their inventory...Luke finds the inclusion of a dinosaur particularly interesting...since there are so few currently located in France...because rumor has it they don't like French food...there's just no accounting for taste! HA!