Monday, April 16, 2007

Paris, May 2006

We thought you might enjoy some photos of Paris. They are of course from and of the Tour d'Eiffel. In the summer of 1987 we visited Paris as part of our epic bike journey. Of course we were fit and much, much younger, but we rode the elevator to the first stage. Not wanting to wait in the line for the elevator again, we took the stairs down and took photos of us climbing a few steps as if we had climbed the entire way. Perhaps you remember the photo if you saw our slide show. Ho ho. What a good joke. Last year, almost 20 years and thousands of beers and wines later, we actually climbed the stairs to the first stage. Don't ask me why. My legs were fatigued for several days.
So if you've been to Paris and know it at all you can look at the photos and pick out some of the attractions. If you've never been there you should visit. Remember, click on the photos to enlarge them.
By the way, if you haven't yet figured this out, trying to maintain an interesting web-log about buying a house in France is very difficult to do from Moab, Utah. On the bright side, we leave for France in about three weeks.
Photos by Nancy.


Anonymous said...

There is something about the "perspective" of the last picture...looking through the lower edges of the Eiffel Tower and looking at the aunt-sized people below that made Luke's stomach do a "flip-flop"! It somehow made me feel as if I was suspended in mid-air waiting to drop to the ground! Maybe this is just a reflection of what a "dizzy dame" I am...HA!

I look forward to your further adventures when you return to France. I hope all your "truck transhipping" goes well. Take care.

sarah alexander said...

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as often. Frances isn't very happy when I'm on the computer these days!

Sounds like things are really falling into place now! Can't wait to hear how things go with the truck once it's on the other side! I hope the French don't run screaming when they see it coming! tee hee!

leslie said...

When Darrell and I were there he would NOT go up the Eiffel Tower, he had a thing about heights and did not like the looks of it at all. Leslie