Sunday, August 20, 2017

Photos by Nancy, Captions by Doug


 In the museum in the old granary mentioned earlier, was this display of hacienda life.  The hats are supposed to show a progression from one period to another, I guess. The oldest is on the bottom, and I'm thinking the newest styles are in the middle row.  Or, the campesinos wore the straw sombrero and the haciendad, el patron, wears the other styles.  But I'm guessing here, because there was no information nearby.

 We ate at this restaurant several days after the photo was taken, and the weather wasn't as good, cool and cloudy.  Again, I am puzzled.  I can translate flores quite easily, but canastillo, I got 'nuthin'.

 Two sisters on the bus ride back to Marfil were pleased as punch that Nancy, a gringa, would take their picture.  Cute, aren't they?

At the Gene Byron Museum (that's her on the left) Nancy took this picture of the paintings of husband and wife.  The husband, a Spanish gentleman is still alive so we're told, and lives on the grounds.  The museum does double, triple duty.  It serves first as a museum for all of Gene Byron's work, furniture, ceramics, the fireplace, lamps, sculptures, candelabras and so on.  Secondly, thirdly, and fourthly, it's the old gentleman's home, it's a restaurant, it's a massage parlor.  I think that might be all.  The portrait of the senor is done with a background of the flag of the second Spanish Republic, of just before the Spanish Civil War.  For Whom the Bell Tolls.  That republic. The artists, I don't know.

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Peggy said...

I love the hats. I would love to draw those. So sculptural and when you draw them you notice all the differences. You certainly are hitting all the museums. Best way to understand the place.