Thursday, August 17, 2017

Alhondiga de Granidatas

The Museo Regional de Alhondiga de Granidatas was not originally constructed to be a museum in late 1700s. The magnicient building started life as a grain storage facility, was the site of a siege during the war of independence from Spain, and spent a hundred years as a prison.Today the Alhondiga is a museum in tribute to the history Mexico, of Guanajuato and War of Independence. The Romualdo Garcia photos were the highlight for me, amongst all the pre-Columbian pottery and figurines, paintings of revolutionary leaders and artifacts of Spanish conquest, the photos had a simplicity and elegance.

Garcia was able to capture everyday subjects, in this case some Mexican children around 1900 and make a fine photograph. The Napoleonic chapeaus the boys are wearing have crossed forks and spoons instead of guns or swords.  Wonderful touch.

I'm guessing by the dark complexion of the lady and the extremely light complexions of the (probably Spanish) children, that the lady is the nanny, or a servant of some kind to the family and was more or less a prop to keep the youngster quiet and photographable.  She was no doubt an always to be nameless and indigenous photographic prop. In any case, she adds a lot to the photo.

All three of these photos of Garcia's work are by Nancy and I know it was difficult to make sure the management didn't catch her, and find the right angle to eliminate reflections on the glass covering the photos.  I would urge you to go to Google and see other examples of Garcia's photographs, not all of which are of children.  Some are vaqueros, businessmen, pretty ladies and photos of beautiful Guanajuato around the turn of the century.  Garcia was said to have never left the town of Guanajuato, and certainly none of the photos make that seen untrue.  He left behind a treasure trove which few have ever heard of and he deserves more recognition as one of the pioneer greats of his art form.

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Peggy said...

You are right. These are beautiful. I will look the guy up.