Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to All You Mothers

Nancy and I wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Our own mothers are long gone, but we have not forgotten them. Here are some pictures from the "wayback machine". Above, is Nancy's mom, Suzanne Kitchen (1912-1997) when she was perhaps 20 years old, posing in some photographer's studio in Chicago. She looks very chic and rather elegant and it's hard to remember that this is 'smack dab' in the middle of the Great Depression.

Here's a drawing of my mother Margaret Cunningham (1920-1974) done by Bob Bowie, a friend of hers that was, by all accounts, hopelessly in love with her. It's not a great likeness of my mother in 1943, but its a nice drawing and I can tell its her. It appears old Bob spent a lot of time working on her hair and got it just right. Pardon the wrinkles in the paper; it's pasted into her scrapbook.This is a photograph of my mother from the same time frame (the early 40's) that I found in her scrapbook. She's on the right, the tall one with the good legs, accepting some kind of trophy. I don't think there is a photo in existence of my mother without her cigarette (and she was an asthmatic) and this photo appears to be no exception. I have no idea who the other woman is, probably another Colorado College coed (she's smoking and has a trophy, too).

Remember kids, click on 'em to enlarge 'em. And don't forget your mother on Mother's Day.

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Anonymous said...

That is sweet. I love seeing Nancy's mother, she was beautiful, like mother, like daughter. And it's fun to see the pictures you have of mom. I had forgotten about the drawing, it's nice to see it again.

Where are you guys? How come your phone goes straight to voice mail? LRO