Friday, August 21, 2009

Dinner for Four at the Abbey

If there is a better restaurant in this part of France I don't know what it could be. This is a picture of the courtyard at the Abbaye de Camon. You can see Bill and I siting in the center of the photo. It was a beautiful night with a slight chance of rain and we were protected in any case. The restaurant is located in an old Benedictine Abbey. Legend has it that this abbey was placed under the protection of Charlemagne, in 778, who was back from a campaign against the Saracens. It's been a restaurant since 2006 and has absolutely wonderful food.
This is Bill's dinner which was the Maigret de Canard, we think, which would be breast of duck with prunes and potatoes. Bill can confirm in a comment if he remembers.

Nancy and I both got the Supreme de volaille avec lardons et marrons, which in American is a big chicken larded with bacon and marrons (not sure what these are), with some excellent scalloped potatoes. Kathy had the salmon and declared it fabulous. Pictured below are the diners, Kathy at the dinner table and the rest of us at the terrace where we were served a drink while waiting for our table. The best part was that Bill and Kathy picked up the tab. Thanks guys, we hope you had a wonderful time in Leran and in France.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely place! I'm salivating all over my shirt from looking at the pictures of the food! It looks like you had a wonderful visit with your guests...and you were not lacking for the calories to give you the energy to be good hosts! HA!


Anonymous said...

Marrons are chestnuts. The abbey really looks great, I love those beautiful outdoor areas. Two stick in my mind, the terrace at Le Beffrois in Vaison, where you took me (we ate inside that time as it was October) and a little restaurant in Pont Aubert, where my family and Amy had our first french lunch on the big elephantine expedition. Leslie

Bill Minckler said...

I PICKED UP THE TAB??!!! How much did I have to drink!

As we say here in Arizona, the Abbey was, "C'est choette"!

By the way, one of my first impressions of wandering the concourse at O'Hare on the way home was how bad all the food looked.

Peggy said...

A very heartfelt "I wish I had been there." What a wonderful spot to eat as much for the food as the dreamy location. Too bad Bill had to return to the world of lousy food so abruptly at O'Hare. When Tony and I got back from France we had dinner out with his family and it wasn't long before they were commenting on how long it was taking to get our food. Tony and I didn't even notice!

Anonymous said...

In french, supreme means "breast of" not "big" so supreme de volaille is breast of chicken.