Monday, August 17, 2009

Bill Goes to the Mirepoix Market

Click on 'em to enlarge 'em.


Amy said...

Seeing these pictures, specifically the one of the olives, reminds me of when I went to France with the Oldham Family in 1986 (is that the right year?). One of the first days we were there Darrell and I went to the market in St. Remy and we saw the olives laid out like in Bill's picture. We started pointing to what we wanted and we would gesture to fill the container up as the olive vendor spooned away. We kept tasting each type of olive and we couldn't decide which ones we DID NOT want so we just kept pointing to more and more. I remember Darrell and I were so hungry and we were in that crazy frame of mind where you egg each other on and we were commenting on how this olive's color was so perfect and that olive glistened so perfectly, and that olive was so huge and this one so tiny. It was like we were some kind of crazy olive addicts! In the end we went home with enough olives to feed the town of St Remy. In fact, when I left St. Remy a month later there were still enough olives in the fridge to feed the town. I wonder if the Oldhams were forced to throw olives away before the departed or if they finished them?

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I don't remember olives being left, our refrigerator was about the size of a shoe box so they didn't stay there. I think that we had the whole crew up from Aix, all the kids and parents for the fete and fed them lots of olives before we went to town. Doesn't it make you so hungry? Love, Leslie